Get in on the system that’s PROVEN to Accelerate Your Authority in just 100 Days and Make You More Money.  PLUS - When You Act Now, You’ll Get the Chance to Come to Edmonton to Work 1-on-1 with  John A. McCabe!

This One Time Offer Includes...

Everything you need to Accelerate Your Authority in your business or field of expertise, to plan out and build your Authority Acceleration Blueprint including Authority Positioning Tools such as Book Content, FB Live/Video topics and scripts, Authority Audio Podcasts, an Evergreen Webcast framework and content designed to sell, Speaking to Sell framework and verbiage, offer, messaging, scripts and outsourcing resources.

The Fastest, Easiest, "Grow Your Business, Grow Your Income" Authority Accelerating Program Available

You can review, watch, listen to or read the entire Authority Acceleration Blueprint course and build your 5 Authority Positioning Assets all within 100 Days because the entire program is broken down into SEVEN easy-to-implement modules... 

Various aspects of this exact system have been used and implemented by hundreds of thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants in dozens of countries to attract attention, connect with their audience and close deals in record time!  But never has there been a solution that helps you create and implement 5 different authority positioning strategies at the same time within 100 days... UNTIL NOW!  

  • Becoming an Authority - Learn what it takes to become the Authority in your business and field of expertise so you can start building your Authority Acceleration Blueprint.

  • Target Market - Understand how to identify who you are target market is and is not, so your message resonates your prospects and repels those you don’t want to work with.

  • Creating Your Offer - Build and craft your perfect offer so you convert a higher percentage of leads into customers.

  • Crafting Your Messaging- Learn how to craft your messaging for all your authority assets so your message resonates with your ideal target market and converts them into buyers.

  • Facebook Live Videos or Recorded Videos - Plan your video topics, build your scripts and discover how to repurpose your content to build your other Authority Acceleration Assets.

  • Repurposing Content - Discover how to use your messaging, offer and repurposed content to build the rest of your authority acceleration assets.

  • Engagement and Distribution - Learn the most effective strategies to Distribute your content and create engagement with your audience so you generate more followers, leads and sales.

If you learn and retain better by listening or reading, we’ve got you covered!

  • Transcriptions - A well-organized, easy to follow pdf that has word-for-word transcripts and outlines from the entire training.
  • Action Book - Detailed notes about each module, plus fun, fill-in-the-blanks worksheets you can to take notes with while watching the course or use to test yourself after. 
  • MP3 Audio's of All Modules. Download and take the audio files with you on any mp3 player.

I Also Include Everything You Need For Building Your Authority Acceleration Blueprint In The Authority Toolkit!

  • Everything you need to build your Authority Acceleration Blueprint created for you.
  • Templates for instantly creating your book, webcast ppt or keynote, speaking ppt or keynote, Facebook Live or video topics and scripts that you can use!
  • Facebook Live or Video Scripts
  • Webinar Scripts
  • Consulting with Client Scripts
  • ... and So Much More!

... And If That Isn't Enough... We've Included These Amazing Bonuses!



Walk through the video training course that takes you through the various stages of The John A McCabe Show, the reasons for structuring the segments the way they are, how and when to engage the audience to maximize attention and action.  

Use this "Effective and Persuasive" Facebook Live Show Structure To Plan And Build Your Next Facebook Live Show, So That You Can...

  • Create a Show that will Engage Your Audience
  • Build a show that contains smaller segments you can re-purpose for future use.
  • Plan your calls to action throughout the show to continuously direct your viewers to Take Action

John also gives you access to:

  • Over 60 scripts from The John A McCabe Show
  • Countdown time to be use on your show
  • Photoshop images of the show graphics you can use to edit for your own show

You’ll have a clear understanding of how to create your very own Facebook Live Show to maximize your engagement and repurposing of the content.  

BONUS 3: Weekly Livestream Q & A

You'll have access to the Weekly Livestream Q & A Session where you can get your questions answered about building your Authority Accelerator Blueprint.  Submit your questions prior to the Q & A Session and get them answered during the livestream or possibly on a follow-up email if we run short on time.  

BONUS 2: Facebook Group

Where you feel connected with others going through the program, ask questions, help others and never feel like you are alone

BONUS 4: Get Featured on The John A. McCabe Facebook Live Show

One of the quickest ways to be positioned as an Authority in your business or field of expertise is to be interviewed.    

Be one of the first 25 who invest in the the training program and be a featured guest on The John A. McCabe Show.  Along with building your instant Authority as a guest, you will also receive edited copies of the video so that you can use them to help promote yourself to your audience. 


(LIVE, In-Edmonton, Small Group Training)


You get an exclusive invite to come attend a 2 day workshop here in Edmonton, Alberta to work with me in a very intimate, small-group session with no more than 25 people.

Shortly after you order Authority Acceleration Blueprint, you’ll be sent a link to register for a 2 Day Workshop from a list of available dates.

You pick a date that works for you and come to work with me. It’s one part training, one part implementation, one part coaching.

John McCabe will be with you the whole time.

It’s not like other trainings - I don’t just say hello in the first hour and then disappear.

I'll be here to work with you, show you what’s working, help refine your material, and maybe even make connections and introductions.

This bonus alone is worth WAY more than the whole system combined. This 2-Day workshop sells for $2,500 or more.

A private coaching day with John currently sells for $8,250 per day. But You Must Register NOW because this bonus is limited to the first 75 25 people ONLY (HURRY-before spots are all taken).

Try It Risk Free!
30-Day Make-MORE-Money Guarantee

You have 30 days to try everything out. Go through the training, the worksheets, the scripts, the presentations, the book, and the software. If you’re not completely blown away by everything you learn, just send it all back and you’ll get a refund. No questions asked...and we can still be friends.

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